Happy Fruit
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So we’re having breakfast late September 2015 and I say to the girls:
“Shall we start a band?”
“Cool” they reply.
“What shall we call it?”
Béa: “Happy Fruit”.
“And the first song?”
“Why not... Happy Halloween!?”
Right. Why not?
We talk about lyrics and we begin!

Grand Fruit
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At 5 my mum was ill and I found bashing the keys and creating stories on the piano cheered me up.
At 8 I was sent to a school away from home. Singing in the choir, playing the flute and piano soothed feelings of missing my family. There were intensely happy experiences in church and class with music.
At 18 I joined my brother to live in London and we made music together as The Vanden Plas. Our mission to make people dance. We got as far as Pete Tong, (before musically it went a little wrong – he started Guerrilla Gardening and I concentrated on my company SEE Design).
At 24 I moved to Canada and started a family.
Today… it's about good times to come. A seed to the fruit.
A grand, happy fruit.